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Structuring Data Intelligently.

Why use Extract ?

Data Extraction & Insights

Product Attributes Extraction
Convert raw data into meaningful product attributes, streamlining your data analysis and enhancing decision-making accuracy.
Brand Extraction
Identify and extract brand names with precision from unstructured data, unlocking valuable insights for targeted marketing strategies.
Units of measure identification
Seamlessly identify units of measure in any text, like extracting '1 Ltr' from 'Box oat milk 1ltr - Milk Lab', ensuring precise data categorization and analysis.
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API Access

APIs are simple and well documented
The APIs provide straightforward and clearly articulated documentation, facilitating easy integration and usage..
No SDKs required
Integration with the service can be done directly through API calls, eliminating the need for any additional software development kits.
Model selection
Offers the ability to choose from a range of models, allowing users to select the best fit for their specific application or use case.
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AI Models

AI Models
Model selection currently includes cutting-edge models from OpenAI and Google, providing a versatile suite of choices for natural language processing, machine learning tasks, and other AI-driven applications.
Future-Ready Scalability
Users can anticipate the integration of more advanced models from various providers in the future, ensuring scalability and adaptability to emerging technologies.
Customized Solution Matching
precise alignment of user requirements with the appropriate model, enhancing efficiency and precision across various AI-driven tasks.
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